How To Be Happy Again

How To Be Happy Again how to be happy again, simple rules for happiness

You want to know how to be happy again, right? You’ve been down, sad or depressed, but are tired of being there. Right? And I’m not talking about grieving-for-a-loved-one-who-has-passed-away kind of sad. That is a sadness that is expected for a period of time, and you will naturally and gradually feel better over time. What I’m talking about is when you become depressed again and again, or just lack enthusiasm for the things in life.

We’ve created this How To Be Happy Again website, in hopes of helping you, and others like you, not only how to be happy again, but to live fully and to thrive! And even grow to live out your life purpose!  

But let’s take it one step at a time.

We’ve been given the power to think, imagine, love, and create. And the greatest power given us is the power to choose.  It’s all up to us whether we choose to believe, or to doubt.  It is up to us to choose to act on something, or to procrastinate.  And it is also up to us whether or not we want to be happy or sad. You are now one step closer (by coming here) to finding out how to be happy again.

There are a zillion (okay, maybe not quite that much) of things that we can do to help ourselves to feel happier.  And it really IS about helping ourselves.  Only you can make you happy.

Here are a few ideas off the top of my head to get you started on how to be happy again

Be Free From Hatred: Let go of grudges. Forgive quickly. No more negative thinking. Let the past be in the past.

Set Your Mind Free of Worries: Do what you can, then let go, and let God. Worry isn’t good for anything, and it is also not good for your health.

Simple Living: Many simple pleasures of life can bring us much more joy than any expensive material object. Enjoy your warm cup of tea, or the special time you’ve spent with a friend, or just the rain on your face!

Give More: Give a couple of your hours a week to help an organization in your community. Helping others is a great way to take your mind off of your own problems. If you don’t normally attend church, go and give ten percent knowing you are contributing to God’s will.

Expect Less: Expect that tomorrow is going to be better than today. Don’t expect too much from others, yet accept help when it’s offered.

Be Thankful: Count your blessings. There’s always something you can be thankful for.  You can breathe, think, and have certain skills and abilities. Be thankful for even every small thing you have.

Chose a Great Attitude: Have an attitude of gratitude.  When you wake up, choose to have a great attitude.  It might be the most critical thing you do that day.  And be thankful for another day of life!

Listen to Happy Music: Play your favorite, soothing music that will calm you and lift your spirits.

Be with Positive Friends:  By being with friends who have positive attitudes can help show you how to be happy again. And we become like those we hang around most of the time. Ditch the negative naysayers. 

Eat Healthier:  Some foods will make depression worse, while some can actually help you feel better.  You can research to find out which foods make you feel worse or better. You can start by eating more fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water.

Healthy vegetable foods

And Furthermore…

Exercise: Walk more. Do yoga. Go to the gym. Anything that will get your blood flowing.

Think Positive:  This is the big one! To change your brain is an ever going process.  And now is the best time to start! Invest in a book or dvd that you can listen to or read over and over, until you have new positive thoughts that will motivate you and, help you know how to be happy again. It really helps!  It is so worth it.

Get Inspired:  What inspires you? Think about what inspires you, and put those things in front of you.

Pray:  We should be praying everyday.  Ask God to help you know how to be happy again.

Affirmations:  Create a list of positive affirmations for yourself to use daily.  Read them out loud so you can actually hear yourself.

Laugh More: Laughter is great medicine, especially when you are feeling down. Watch a funny TV show. Look up jokes online.

Get Angry:  Perhaps you want to let out anger before you can feel better.  Let it out at the gym, by exercising, punching the bag, or running.

Letting out frustrations, getting angry

Thoughts? Do you have an idea that might help someone to know how to be happy again? 


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