Affirmation List

Affirmations are thoughts you have, or words you say. Some are positive, and some negative. Throughout our entire lives, ideas or impulses have filled our subconscious mind.
Affirmations are generally simple, short positive statements that are targeted to a certain negative belief that we want to change and make positive. What you want to do is get rid of the negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. If you seriously want positive change in your life, you had better include positive affirmations. Forget the negative past. Let it go, and focus on what you DO want!
Create the positive thought that work best for you. Choose what negative beliefs that you would like to change, and use your positive statements daily. To accomplish this, picture the kind of person you want to be. And BELIEVE you are that person. See yourself already there. Everyday before going to bed and when you get up in the morning, see yourself already being the kind of person you want to be, whether it be that you want to overcome depression or anxiety, or want more money, or want more love in your life, etc.

It is important to make your positive affirmations a new daily habit. Practice this everyday, faithfully. Practicing these positive phrases work. And they are vital to any self help program. Repeat phrases out loud to yourself at the same time. Once you get into the habit and you begin changing your thoughts and feelings to positive ones, your actions will change, then your results will change, thus reinforcing your new positive beliefs. And this will become a self-perpetual positive cycle! One other great way to put the positive affirmations into your mind is to listen to them on YouTube, or CD’s, DVD’s or download audio books to your phone or computer. I’ve compiled a list of a few positive affirmations to help give you an idea and get you started. Here they are:

I choose to be happy

I am healthy

I am well

I am wealthy

I am worthy

I am enough

I approve of myself

I like myself

I deserve love

I am at peace

I am smart

I am energized

I choose to be positive

I am thankful for my life

And some of my favorites:

I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me

Money comes to me easily and often

If God is for me, who can be against me?

Create your own, or adopt your favorites from this list and use them daily. Repeat the phrases out loud to yourself as many times as you can during each day. One hundred times is not too many. Repeating these phrases, picturing yourself already where you want to be in life, and believing it, really WILL actually help bring it about!

But remember, the same goes for negative thinking. If you continually think failure, your thinking this way will actually help bring that about, too. So, no negative thinking!

Each morning before you get up, repeat your affirmations (ex: Today is going to be a wonderful day). And run throughout your mind all of the positive things that will be happening this day. Practice over and over these affirmations, and they will make themselves realities.

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