Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts – Steps to Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts will bring positive results. Positive thinking really does work. The naysayers will of course think differently. But you don’t want to be one of those!

Maybe you often feel depressed. And it can bring a disheartening feeling that makes you feel like there is no use in fighting on. Probably everyone is tempted to sink into this dull and gloomy attitude some times, but not everyone has to yield to it. Those who accept the idea that they are beaten, usually are beaten. Believe you are defeated, believe it long enough, and it is likely to become a fact.

Step 1:

Do not accept the idea of defeat:

People who achieve happiness and success are the people who, when sunk into a depressed mood will shake it off, so to speak, by refusing to accept the idea of defeat. They practice positive thinking. Or you could think of it more like “plowing through it”, rather than, “shaking it off”. They know it is the thought of defeat that actually causes defeat, so they practice thinking positive thoughts. They retrain their brain to think positive thoughts of victory.


Think Spiritually:

Negative, unwanted thought patterns that have become habit in the mind over a long period of time tend to resist change. Lucky for us there is the Christianity phenomenon called “spiritual experience”!

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)

You can condition your mind to spiritual change by practicing spiritual thinking. Read the bible regularly, and memorize the passages. Constantly fill your mind with positive, motivating materials, and positive thoughts are sure to follow.


Get Some Inspirational Material:

Get a earphone headset so that you are able to listen to a positive thinking cd as you are going about your day. And listen over and over, until you believe in what you are hearing! Hang with positive thinkers who can help support you, and gain more positive thoughts. Change Your Thinking and You’ll Change Your Life!

By changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts, you can also change your situations. Often, some situations must be changed in order to have success and happiness.

Step 4:

Pay attention to your thinking:

Study your thoughts and write them down on paper. Analyze them, whether they are creative or destructive. Replace every bad thought with positive thoughts. The next time you find that same negative thought crossing your mind, remember that you have the power to replace it-right then, into a positive thought. And then, you must believe it.

Step 5:

Rinse and Repeat:

Continue to practice these steps. One day at a time. It takes time. As you hear a negative thought come into your head again, take the opportunity to practice replacing it with a positive thought. You need to think about what you think about while you are thinking about it! =)

There will be events in your life you may not be able to control, but you CAN control how you think, feel, and react to them.

Before you know it, you’ll begin to notice that you are more aware of what you are thinking. Remember that positive attracts positive, and the more positive thoughts you have, the more positive you will attract!

If you are interested, here is a inspirational and uplifting, quick read Kindle eBook that will show you step by step how to gain those positive thoughts and replace the negative ones. Positive Thoughts: Hope for the Negative Thinker.

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